First Blogirthday

20170321-IMG_5527-2Wow! Gluten Free Serendipity turned one year old today!! It has been an awesome year of blogging and I look forward to many more amazing years!

Learning how to blog has been a fascinating and incredible experience. I have connected with hundreds of people from all over the world, which I think is pretty cool! I have learned so many cooking skills and made some incredible food. I have uncovered passions in photography and literally taken thousands of pictures! Clicking that ‘Create’ button was a very good decision that I am so happy to have made!

I remember when I wrote my first recipe blog post. It took me almost two hours! I finally got it published at about 10 PM. Knowing nothing about ‘likes’ and the WP reader, I didn’t expect anyone except my family to see it. Five minutes after publishing, a blog called ‘Cooking with a Wallflower’ liked my post! It was so exciting, I literally squealed! In the following few days, I wrote about five new posts. My blog began to get a few followers and likes from all over the world! It was so much fun!

Though I would be the first to admit that this blog is tiny and certainly not the best, I love it! Thank you to everyone who has liked, followed, commented, viewed, and made my recipes. I appreciate it so much!


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  1. Michele Stone says:

    Congratulations on the first Blogirthday of your first rate blog, Zoe. I had no idea you have reached so many people. That is amazing.


  2. Grandma Ballard says:

    Happy Blogirthday!! I like that word you just invented! And I like the way you express yourself. Also, Congrats on your international following!! That is so cool, Zoe.

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