My Gluten Free Sandwich Bread Experiences

A hunk of GF Jules bread.

Gluten free bread is often disgusting. When I first went gluten free, I got a loaf of Udi’s. It is relatively rock hard, while still being dry like a sponge. (How is that for tantalizing?) It is virtually flavorless and the texture is just… wrong. It basically made me very sad. So for a while, I just stopped eating anything pretending to be ‘bread’. But I do like bread, and sometimes it is really nice to have some. Soon we learned that Great Harvest has gluten free bread. It was edible before being frozen, and after freezing it tasted… wet. As I started to get more sensitive, it started to make me sick. (it is not certified gluten free and is made in their floury kitchen.) Next, I tried ‘New Cascadia’ sandwich bread. It was okay. The texture was still not great, though.  It was a bit, I don’t know, almost ‘stringy’. Their bagels are pretty good, though! This is probably getting a little monotonous, but then I tried ‘Happy Camper’. The flavor was spot on. It tasted like whole wheat bread. But it was very dry. So then I tried ‘Franz’ Gluten Free multigrain bread. It is my current favorite pre-prepared ‘bread’, but it only tastes good heavily toasted. All of the breads before this point are quite bad untoasted and the way I like them best it almost burnt, but not quite. Well, one day we were at the store and I saw Pamela’s bread mix. I had previously made focaccia with their pizza crust mix and it was phenomenal, so I was excited to make it. I made it and it was super easy, surprisingly. It was very good. It has a thick crust and is good with soups and zucchini noodles. It is not super chewy, and it would absolutely not slice thin, no matter how hard it tried. So not a great sandwich bread! (I had a PB sandwich using it and it was just a bit too ‘bready’.) And now I found a pretty much perfect sandwich bread mix. It is by GF Jules and I really like it! Soft, airy, and chewy, it is an almost perfect sandwich bread. It probably would not be great for dipping, though, because of its airiness. I am writing this because I wish I had read something like this so I could have started with tastier breads.

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  1. Baby Brie says:

    I’m going to look for this! I just discovered Trader Joe’s gluten free bread and unfrozen it’s surprisingly lovely. Even untoasted. I also like canyon Bakehouse’s focaccia and cinnamon raisin bread.

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    1. Zoe says:

      Thank you for the advice! I have never tried any of those! If you are talking about finding GF Jules, I have never seen it at a store, but they sell it online (here is a link : and we got it at a GF fair that they attended.

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  2. hopeforeoe says:

    Amen! I wasted money trying to find things edible, I’ve really liked new grains bread, I’ll have to try the one you mentioned that was good!

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  3. Grandma Ballard says:

    Zoe this entry is great! Anyone who has just discovered that they are allergic to glutens will LOVE this information. It probably will also help people who have been gluten free a long time . Like you, and like most people, I love bread! So thanks for doing such a good job sharing your knowledge.

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